Here at TMM, we give thanks to the many scanlations groups out there who have given us the joy of cooking manga in a language we can understand. As far as possible, we link to the various scan groups when we post their translated recipes.

There are however many other great manga that have not been picked up by groups, or manga where extras and recipes have been skipped over by scan groups. TMM then searches for raws or non-English translations to translate into English, and releases them under “TMM Scanlations”. We only release our scanlated recipes after we cook them!

Do you have a recipe you really want to see? Make your requests on our!

Disclaimer: We do not translate full manga, only recipes to share. Cooking done with our recipes are done at your own risk, but will have gone through our test kitchens.

Currently Translating:
– Cooking Papa
– Yumeiro Cooking 
– Hinmin no Shokutaku

Urgently Seeking Raws:
– Yumeiro Patissiere – Recipes 1, 2, 6-14.

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