Since I was finishing up leftovers from Cooking Papa’s Vegetable Mix Rice, I decided to make a quick and easy soup to go with it. Cue Cooking Papa’s Cucumber Soup. 

Cucumber Soup, Scanlations by TMM (That's us!)

Cucumber Soup, Scanlations by TMM (That’s us!)


I translated it as “Japanese Cucumber”, but it refers to the smaller cucumbers that you can find sometimes. The major change that I made to the recipe was that I put it in the slow cooker (low on 4 hours) but of course you can do it like Araiwa and do it in the pot!

Do you know what the cucumber trick is? 

Rub the end of a cucumber against itself!

Rub the end of a cucumber against itself!

It’s something I learnt when I was a child and following my grandmother around in the kitchen. If you cut the end off a cucumber and rub it against itself, it will draw the bitterness out (the white froth).


Chopped and thrown into the slow cooker with salt and pepper!

A very light and refreshing soup, suitable for summer! It tasted really good just out of the cooker, but what intrigued me also was the suggestion to have it cold. I chilled the leftovers and had it for lunch with a sandwich the next day. Delicious! Personally I’m not mega keen on cucumbers, but they lent an overall sweetness to the soup.

Delicious cucumber soup!

Delicious cucumber soup!


Verdict and thoughts:

Definitely worth a try especially in hot summer months!

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